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Who We Are:

We a diverse community of mature gamers from various countries.

The Clan was founded in 2004 and can be simply described as an online community for adults 25+ years old to share interests and play online games together. We enjoy friendly banter and do not tolerate abusive behaviour.

SNR welcome applications from likeminded over 25s but also host a Public TS channel ( where younger

‘Guests’ can join us. We play mostly on PC

We understand better than anyone that gamers with jobs, family, and responsibility often find it hard to meet up with others who understand they are unable to play every night and commit to clan games.


What We Play:

The most popular game series we’ve been known to play: Elite, World Of Tanks, Rainbow 6, Battlefield and a range of free online fps etc.


How do I join?
1) Be 25+ years old

2) Register for an account



tempera: Oh I take that back, can't see familiar names here anymore minishock
Belvac: Hi John.....Very long time no see mate cool
Lister: Halo
Cannon: Just a quick holler to say I'm AWOL with a spot of illness. Should be back online in a few days.
Cannon: Deano - still need to get your bank details to send you $
Hirez: Yes also please post your credit card so we can send internet findingss...
Apologies: lol...sent them in private chat that night..will speak online x
Mareak Humner: The Great Googley Moogley!!! (Man behind the curtain....)
Lister: Payday2 free on steam today. Limited copies available get it while you can.
Manical: Do we have any IFA's in the clan?
Belvac: What's a IFA when it's at home goatse
Manical: Independent Financial Advisor
Clakkers: Hello -
Cannon: I'm not an IFA, so can't offer advice, but I do know my way around financial services...PM me if you want to talk or pop on comms
SpudTr00per: My Wife can give you advice on how to spend money smile
SpudTr00per: Hi Clakks laugh
Belvac: Lol...Hi John...Can't believe I missed you buddy hay
Belvac: News Flash - Check forum's out regarding PU:BG FPS Servers Only!! cool
Belvac: Might Temp you back Kevin! tease
SpudTr00per: Im going to purchase PU:BG this weekend i think smile
Clakkers: Is there anybody thereeeeee? or here even - Never see anyone on - 3 peeps in lobby but muted ;/
Clakkers: PUBG - Any good? Do i need to upg my 386 yet for it?
CSS: May need a 486 silly
Cragdoo: make sure you enable Turbo mode
Mareak Humner: And re-config the display to read Hi or Lo smile
SpudTr00per: best place on PU:BG = 14 not bad for someone who cant aim down the site smile
jockspice: I got to 6, but only had 2 kills, both of them running someone over!
Created by Kainex